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Uh-oh it’s a Dinosaur

32 Comments on Uh-oh it’s a Dinosaur

Kyra comics?  Sorry, but there will be no more Kyra comics on Full Time Ink anymore.

You’ll have to go to It’s a Dinosaur dot com now, as that will be their new home.

Now the site is in very early stages.  Like PLT it’s still the vanilla design and I’m still working on getting all the comics up where you can see them.  But it’s going to look very nice in time, so all you faithful readers get to be at the ground floor of Kyra’s website.  Now all I have to do is get all the comics uploaded, design the site, then get back to more updates a week!  I can do it for great justice oh yes!

That address is so easy to remember too.

Especially since computers do all that work anyway.

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It is a webcomic, so it doesn’t need much in the way of fancy features. It worked fine the way it was so I don’t really know what I could suggest.

Well, anyway, good luck with your reconstruction. I hope you didn’t actually lose any/too many of your pages.

I pretty much lost all the WEB pages as well as the comments that went with them. All the comics are still safe on my computers. To me, losing the comments was the hardest part because everything else can be rebuilt. And that is exactly what I’m doing – rebuilding. With a lot of work I might have been able to get one of my older site backups working, but then I’d be back where I was before with an outdated plugin on a clunky site that could be broken in the same way again. No, I decided to use this opportunity to build the new site that I’ve been trying to build for the past year. I’ll go into it with more details later but for now just hold on to your hats, comics will return! And you really don’t want to lose your hats!

Phil and the Fishtank will be back too, right?

In time, yes. I’ll probably start with PLT first. Even though it has thousands of comics it’s pretty easy since it’s daily. I have grand plans for Kyra that I’ll be talking about soon. 95 Gallons will come at a later date once the other two are all back in business. Statistically it’s not read very often but it’s still my comic and it still needs to be out there!

Hey andrew, good news: The Internet Archive has a backup of the old site! T

…the comics themselves aren’t there but maybe it can help?

It will help me remember what all the titles for the Kyra comics where and when they were posted!

Ultimately that’s the problem, all the comics were broken away from their pages. I think theoretically there is a way to reload a broken version of the site then go through every single comic one by one to reload them. But the way I’m doing it now is much faster and will result in a far superior site. It will take some time, but there will be very nice nice webpages here!

Man, I pop out for a month and everything goes to pot! What gives?

I jest, I jest. ;] Though really, MAJOR bummer on losing the comments. What exactly happened?

A plugin called Webcomic makes wordpress act like a, well, webcomic site. While the plugin was up to version 4 I was still stuck on version 2. Upgrading the plugin to version 3 required all the comics to be moved to a new folder. Since my site was so large with so many comics it was unable to do so without crashing and breaking everything. So for about five years I kept it at version 2. Then a month ago I accidentally hit the upgrade plugin button. Every comic was broken away from its page leaving thousands of broken pages. None of my backups were working properly either. In the end I decided to bite the bullet and start over fresh with brand new sites. I could finally upgrade the webcomic plugin to be this far superior version and do the site redesigns I’ve always wanted to do but risked breaking the site. It’s going to take longer than I thought to fix everything, but so far all of Phil Likes Tacos is back and Kyra will have her own site someday.

Don’t worry, we’ll still be here waiting for Kyra’s new home! Is there anything we can do to help?

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