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Uh-oh it’s a Dinosaur

30 Comments on Uh-oh it’s a Dinosaur

Kyra comics?  Sorry, but there will be no more Kyra comics on Full Time Ink anymore.

You’ll have to go to It’s a Dinosaur dot com now, as that will be their new home.

Now the site is in very early stages.  Like PLT it’s still the vanilla design and I’m still working on getting all the comics up where you can see them.  But it’s going to look very nice in time, so all you faithful readers get to be at the ground floor of Kyra’s website.  Now all I have to do is get all the comics uploaded, design the site, then get back to more updates a week!  I can do it for great justice oh yes!

That address is so easy to remember too.

Especially since computers do all that work anyway.